Young Guru Represents TMA at SXSW

March 19, 2018


Last week, our Chief Music Strategist Young Guru spoke to a packed house at SXSW in Austin. In the session entitled Music Tech: A Gateway to Awaken America’s Youth, Guru focused on how music production is a gateway to ignite the imaginations of young people at the intersection of education and tech innovation.


Moderated by Opportunity Hub Chairman & CEO Rodney Sampson, the conversation went deep, talking music, innovation, technology, inclusion, and much more.


Listen to Guru’s full SXSW session here. And, make sure to check out his interviews with SXSWORLD and Cheddar.


Here are just a handful of Guru’s many insightful quotes and some attendee tweets from the session…


“Problem solving, that’s the real mind of the engineer.”


“If you’re not about cause for this generation and they don’t believe in you, then you’re going to miss out. Everything has to have a purpose.”


“If you don’t see where innovation is going and if you aren’t able to write what it is, you are always going to be behind someone else.”


“You may need to create a new way to give back… [think] how do I realistically bridge this gap?”


“As a human being, your mind doesn’t work in blocks. There’s an infinite amount of space. It’s the concept of building on this one thing. You have to build upon a solid foundation.”