Why We Still Believe in the Olympics

January 27, 2022

[Header image credit: Canva]


Shout out to our Vice President of Sports Basia Wojcik for her op-ed that ran on The Drum today. Check out an excerpt below and read the full piece here.

Just six months ago, Tokyo belatedly pulled off the Summer Games amid intense Covid protocols and minimal spectators. TV ratings continued their long decline, exacerbated by time zone displacement and the absence of many A-listers. These conditions persist in Beijing, which is further overshadowed by international concerns about the host country. So why are we, as brand stewards and sports fans, still so enthralled with the Olympics? Why are brands so steadfast in their commitment to it?

In a word, the answer is: humanity.

Despite all the headwinds and recent pressures, the Olympics remain one of the most powerful platforms in sports, thanks to their unique and superlative attributes. At their best, the Olympics and Paralympics exhibit global ideals in action.

And brand alignment doesn’t get any better than that….CONTINUE READING ON THE DRUM.