Creativity That Matters: Wekraine

April 5, 2022

By Reuben Miller, Creative Director

Like many of you, I’ve felt helpless watching the devastation unfold in Ukraine. The loss of lives, destruction, injury, and chaos that the citizens of Ukraine are enduring keeps me awake at night. Imagine life as you know it stripped away in the blink of an eye, forcing you to leave everything behind with no idea of when or where you’ll stop next, have the chance to rest, shower, or even eat. For most, this fear is amplified past concern for themselves, and centered around keeping their children, pets, grandparents, and neighbors safe, some with medical concerns and special needs, only amplifying the stress of the situation.

In my attempt to take action, I’ve secured the trademark for a concept called Wekraine, as well as established the website, Through the site, I’m selling shirts where all funds raised go to UNICEF and Save the Children. The site was also created to act as an open forum for visual artists to submit their work in the wake of this tragedy and to help us all raise funds for these victims.


1) Purchase a t-shirt here, 100% designed and made in the USA. All profits go to Save the Children and UNICEF.

2) Spread the word! Tell your friends, family, and neighbors about the website,

3) Donate directly to UNICEF or Save the Children.

4) Add your custom art to the forum and get a chance to immortalize it in the form of an NFT.

However you decide to take action, THANK YOU! I believe that together, we can truly impact the lives of the people of Ukraine. I propose that Wekraine together.

A U.S. Army Soldier


[header image credit: Restream]