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TMA Music Newsletter: March Edition

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TMA Music Newsletter: March Edition

By Amanda Levine

Big thanks to our guest playlist curator Megan McMahon (of the Celebrity & Influencer Team) for curating some awesome tracks from Women in Music Who Rock to honor Women’s History Month. Who run the world? GIRLS.

Congrats to MM Keeravani and Chandrabose for making history with their Oscars win as the first song from an Indian film to ever win an Academy Award! Their performance of the song was fantastic, as was each performance of the nominated songs.

We got another opportunity to see Rihanna and her pregnancy glow with her performance of “Lift Me Up.” Lady Gaga’s atypical stripped down performance of Top Gun: Maverick’s “Hold My Hand” was such a beautiful moment in memory of director Tony Scott that absolutely deserved its standing ovation from the entire crowd. And how could you not love the quirkiness of David Byrne, Stephanie Hsu, and Son Lux’s performance of “This Is A Life” from Everything Everywhere All At Once? And when did those hot dog fingers come out? It was magic, just like the film.

…and now back to our regularly scheduled program!


So much happening in the world of music streaming! Spotify launched a few new features for artists and fans alike that’s very likely to stay competitive against TikTok’s world domination. A personal DJ (in AI format) is in beta testing, which will customize a user’s listening experience based on past favorites and suggest other artists/tracks one may enjoy. Their Sound On program has now added a Countdown Page feature, which will allow artists to connect with their fans with pre-saving upcoming music, special content and new merch. In its initial test phase with a few major artists (Taylor Swift, Quavo, etc.), on average, more than 80% of pre-savers have streamed the new release within the first week, which is amazing! Apple’s added some new services as well to diversify, including the launch of Apple Music Classical later this month. This platform will be dedicated to all classical music – including high quality audio and special visuals/biographical content of featured composers. And YouTube has now launched Creator Music, which is another option for video creators to license music for their content properly or create a rev-share agreement.


Brands take note: in two separate reports from RIAA and Edison Research, music streaming consumption is starting to slow down. But numbers are rising for overall recording consumption thanks to vinyl resurgence and synch licensing. In continued activations around Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary, Nike Classics is releasing a limited-edition Air Force 1 to commemorate the occasion. Music house BLKMKT Music wrote some predictions for 10 music trends brands should consider for TikTok programming this year (and beyond). Usher, Kygo, and other A-List celebrities have backed this new vegan ramen brand. And lastly, music industry veteran Larry Jackson launched his new media company Gamma, the newest project coming off of his decade tenure at Apple Music. His company will be rooted in music (Usher, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg). But its vision will focus on long-term media/brand partnerships across a variety of industries.


If you haven’t heard, check out this trending earworm on TikTok that PRE licensed to promote Olay’s SPF Moisturizer. And we swear that you’ll love continuing to see this Gain spot for another couple of months with the 90s R&B jam “I Swear.”


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Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter with trends, stats, and more!