TMA Leverages Influencers for Harley-Davidson’s 115th Anniversary

October 3, 2018


Harley-Davidson has been an iconic American brand for 115 years. To celebrate this milestone, they looked to The Marketing Arm (TMA) to find a way to share the experience with the next generation of motorcycle riders. To do so, TMA tapped into existing talent relationships and nurtured new ones to gather a varied group of high-profile influencers that all shared one passion: Harley-Davidson.



The adventure kicked off by providing them with motorcycles to ride out of the gates of Harley-Davidson HQ for a weekend of riding, racing, and revelry. The group experienced hill-climb racing, street-parties, and beach-racing on the shoreline of Lake Michigan – something that hadn’t been seen there in over 100 years.



With a following of over 12 million fans, TMA’s group of 14 influencers and their guests had tremendous influence. They created over 270 pieces of authentic content that organically garnered over 62 million engagements, 49 million views, and an ROI of 86x.



By tapping into VIP relationships, The Marketing Arm reached cost efficiencies well below typical paid social campaigns.  On top of these phenomenal numbers, TMA’s group of influencers bonded as riders and friends. They continue to meet up, ride together, and create content that weaves the brand into their various lifestyles while also providing ongoing earned media value that inspires that next generation of Harley-Davidson riders.



At The Influencer Continuum October 28-30, The Marketing Arm will help participating brands uncover how they can leverage the power of influencers to reach consumers and get results. For more information on The Influencer Continuum, reach out to Kiley Kmiec.