TMA Earns Eight 2021 REGGIE Awards

May 21, 2021

Today’s 38th REGGIE Awards Gala may have been virtual, but the hardware TMA brought home is very real. Hundreds of marketers joined ANA for the ceremony, where top agencies and brands were recognized for the best brand activation marketing campaigns of 2020 across 23 categories.

TMA was awarded one gold, four silver, and three bronze for the following programs.

Halloweendy’s Scare Thru

In 2020, Wendy’s refused to let Halloween get cancelled. So, they transformed an ordinary drive-thru in Los Angeles into Wendy’s Scare Thru, an immersive haunted house that delivered thrills, chills, and tasty food. Drivers placed their order then navigated a spooky tunnel complete with ghoulish lights, frightful sounds, and some of the scariest villains imaginable – a creepy clown, a mad king, and a “Jack”-o-Lantern. At the end, customers got their food and a much-needed taste of Halloween. The spooktacular activation took Gold in Holiday or Seasonal Marketing.

SNICKERS Hungriest Player

Snickers, a longtime sponsor of the NFL, wanted players and fans to talk about the brand before, during, and after games. A simple insight led to an audacious idea – SNICKERS Hungriest Player. The idea started through a collaboration with Ben Baller, the most influential jeweler in the world. He created the Snickers Chain, made from diamond, rubies, and emeralds. This chain was awarded weekly to the NFL’s Hungriest Player, the one who helped lead their team to victory. The program brought home Silver in both Influencer Marketing and Sports or Esports Marketing as well as Bronze in Creativity & Innovation.

Bon Appé-Cheetos Holiday Cookbook

Cheetos wanted to earn a seat at America’s socially distanced holiday table while helping people impacted by COVID-19. They accomplished both with the brand’s first-ever holiday cookbook, Bon Appé-Cheetos. This tasty, limited-edition hardbound featured 22 food and drink recipes with Cheetos as an ingredient. Fans could take it home with a $35 donation to World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit committed to helping vulnerable communities and medical professionals. The extra cheesy campaign scored Silver in Holiday or Seasonal Marketing as well as Promotion Marketing in addition to Bronze in Content Marketing.

Doritos Valedictorian

Graduation in 2020 was seriously disrupted. So Doritos partnered with iHeartRadio and gave a voice to the class of 2020 with DORITOS VALEDICTORIAN. It started with a call to arms. Doritos reminded high school students that finding their voice was just as important as GPAs and scholarly achievements. Better to disrupt the status quo than always follow the rules. Then Doritos asked them to submit a video speech they might give to their graduating class. Five winners were chosen and awarded $50,000 in tuition assistance. The activation took Silver in Partnership Marketing.

Congrats to our clients and teams who brought these programs to life! View the full list of winners here.