TMA Celebrates Black History Month

March 6, 2020

[Header image credit: Canva]


This February, Discover_TMA led the agency in a month-long Black History Month celebration.

From celebrating Black excellence among our TMAers to sharing weekly Black History facts and a curated playlist to catering food from Black-owned businesses it was one of the agency’s best Black History Month’s to date.

The program culminated with the inaugural Museum of Black Excellence (MoBE) — a visual homage to Black people and works of art that contributed to the cultural landscape.

TMA CEO Andrew Robinson (middle) with the visionaries behind MoBE, Thaxton Scott (left) & Benecia Newhouse (right)

The MoBE included custom pieces designed to honor the likes of James Baldwin, Mae Jemison, Nipsey Hussle, Kobe Bryant, Maya Angelou, Kendrick Lamar, Tracee Ellis Ross, and many others for their contributions to culture and society.

Here’s a look at some of the incredible artwork (created by TMA Art Director Anna Rizkalla) that was on display in the MoBE…

Each TMA office had its own MoBE exhibit and enjoyed a dedicated time to gather, explore, and discuss over a delicious meal catered from a local Black-owned business while they listened to a playlist specially curated for the occasion.

TMA is proud to celebrate Black History Month and those who have contributed to the cultural fabric of our agency and the world we live in. Check out this video for more:

Thank you to Discover_TMA and everyone who planned, participated, and supported our efforts this year.