TMA Acquires Fanscape

January 1, 2011

The Marketing Arm has acquired Fanscape, a social media marketing agency based in Los Angelesfor an undisclosed sum. 

Fanscape was founded in 1998 by Larry Weintraub and Terry Dry, two music industry veterans and innovators in the social media space. 

Fanscape was one of the very first social media marketing agencies, and provides social media consulting, content, benchmarking, and engagement strategy to numerous product, media, technology, healthcare, and entertainment companies. Clients include Mars Foods, Blue Diamond Almonds, A&E Networks, Philips, AT&T, Universal Music, GameStop, and many more.

Larry and Terry created Fanscape when they identified the emerging online and mobile connectivity trend between musicians and their fans. As adoption of social media increased, they expanded from music to consumer and business-to-business companies. Fanscape has been rebranded as The Marketing Arm Digital and Larry and Terry will stay on in expanded roles for the Omnicom-owned company.