A Nation of Immigrants

July 23, 2019

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By: Discover_TMA Contributors Candace Allison, Alice Case, Lauren Milner, Lillian Zhao, and Olivia Wilmsen

We are a nation of immigrants. A country that has historically celebrated and incorporated people from around the world through immigration. This month, Discover_TMA contributors Candace Allison, Alice Case, Lauren Milner, Lillian Zhao, and Olivia Wilmsen look at how three organizations are honoring immigrant cultures.


Immigrant and Refugee-Owned Restaurants Recognized in the Competitive Landscape

Earlier this year, food delivery service Door Dash used their app to highlight immigrant and refugee-founded restaurants in San Francisco. The goal of the “Kitchens without Borders” program was to support these local businesses by putting a spotlight on the human stories behind the food. With Door Dash footing the bill, users could say goodbye to delivery fees when they chose to order from the collection of immigrant and refugee-owned restaurants over the course of six weeks. While some may say this was a risky political move due to rising tensions over immigration policies, Door Dash managed to walk a fine line, promoting the amazing culinary creations that come from those who immigrated to the U.S., and successfully stepping up to celebrate the unique people and cultures that make up a lively marketplace.


A Unique Retail Experience Highlights a New Country Every Year

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon founded Opening Ceremony in 2002 to create a new retail experience that shares the unique culture and designs of a different country with the world each year, bridging fashion, art, and travel. This year, the founders chose Mexico to “celebrate the people who are doing incredible things there,” providing the world a selection of fashion, art, home goods, handcrafts, and jewelry. This experience offers a transformative and educational experience for consumers everywhere, a great reward of unique experiences that bring brands to life.


Festival Celebrates the Contributions of American Immigrants in Music

“Migrations: The Making of America,” a New York City festival consisting of concerts, dance workshops, and panel discussions, honored both historical migrations and the immigrants who brought pieces of their own culture, like their music, to the U.S. The aspects of these diverse cultural influences have blended into and transformed what we consider American music today, producing the diverse, rich music we have now. As we aspire to resonate with people across all cultures, especially in the world of marketing, it is paramount that we celebrate and share our own cultural differences. By bringing together distinct points of views, we can better foster creative ways of thinking.

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Candace Allison is a University Relations Recruiting Manager and Discover_TMA contributor at TMA


Alice Case is a Director of Recruiting and Discover_TMA contributor at TMA


Lauren Milner is a Data & Marketing Science Apprentice and Discover_TMA contributor at TMA


Lillian Zhao is a Junior Art Director and Discover_TMA contributor at TMA


Olivia Wilmsen, contributor

Olivia Wilmsen is a Learning, Education & Development Manager and Discover_TMA contributor at TMA