Teach Me How to Curl

January 17, 2018

[Header image credit: Canva]


At the end of 2017, Cheetos announced its new sponsorship of an unexpected, yet fitting, group: the U.S. Curling Team. Our Cheetos team at The Marketing Arm strives to find innovative ways to bring more fun and mischief to its consumers’ lives, and decided that Chester Cheetah, the mascot of the curly snacks, would be the perfect guy to bring a bit more love to an under-appreciated sport.

We thought about what Chester Cheetah would do if he became the coach of the Curling team with a mission to show America what they’ve been missing. We had no doubt that once people got to know what Curling was about, they’d fall in love with how fun this very serious sport can be.” – Leo Santos, SVP, Creative

The U.S. Curling Team and its athletes got behind the idea, which resulted in some work we are truly proud of: the first-ever Cheetos music video.

“We wanted to bring some much-deserved appreciation for the sport of Curling, so we thought we would look at some of the magic that makes football the most popular sport in the country and see if we could use it to bring some of that popularity to the U.S. Curling team.” – Santos

One of the more mischievous parts of football games is the end zone celebrations, so we decided to recruit some football players to teach the U.S. Curling Team how to cut loose and celebrate their wins.

We found that football legends Vernon Davis and LaDainian Tomlinson actually love the sport of curling, so we teamed them with YouTube superstar Todrick Hall to teach the U.S. Curling Team and Cheetos fans nationwide to #DoTheCurl and celebrate the fun side of this serious sport together.

Now, it’s our fans’ turn to share their versions of The Curl to show their love and support for the U.S. Curling Team. Fans also can support the team by trying a winter-y version of their favorite snack, the limited-edition Cheetos® Winter White Cheddar Curls.