Songs of the Month: January

January 9, 2020

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The TMA Music Team is back with a new list of songs for the month. Check out the playlist below to see what music moved them in 2019 and is still moving them into the new year.

Blink-182 Darkside

Larry Weintraub: Darkside x Blink-182

“Watching the ‘Darkside’ video is pretty close to what it’s like when I take my kid to school. Love it!”

Sofie Tucker Purple Hat

Susan Schwartz: Purple Hat x Sofi Tukker

“I just think they’re super-fun as artists and producers – their music is definitely a mood-lifter!”

Sam Smith with Normani Dancing With A Stranger

Amanda Levine: Dancing with a Stranger x Sam Smith feat. Normani

“Dancing With A Stranger” is one of my go-to songs while I’m getting ready to go out, it amps me up for the night!”

Jason Blaine: Nice Things x Tank and the Bangas

“I love the song ‘Nice Things’ by Tank and the Bangas. The band has such a playful and fun energy and they are one of best live shows I’ve enjoyed recently.”

Big Thief Not

Sorcha Collister: Not x Big Thief

“‘Not’ is drenched in emotion, grunge, folk, showcase song writing and power. With two albums this year, of which I loved both, Big Thief’s ‘Not’ wraps them in a bow for me.”

Taylor Swift Lover

Anyi Wong-Lifton: Lover x Taylor Swift

“‘Lover’ made me realize that I might be able to give Taylor Swift’s music a chance again for the first time since I was 14-years-old.”

Sarah Molloy: Never Really Over x Katy Perry

“I love the energy of this song and I’m excited that Katy Perry is making hits again.”

Carlos Ybarra: Bossa No Sé x Cuco feat. Jean Carter

“Bedroom Pop provides the perfect escape from an otherwise noisy world.”

Note: may contain explicit content

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Larry Weintraub – President of Music at TMA, Larry is a lifelong entrepreneur who champions the customer experience with a personal passion for disruptive technologies and innovative products. As head of the TMA Music Team, Larry leads music strategy for Fortune 100 brand clients. Larry also leads innovation at the agency with an internal and client-based concentration on emerging technology to better help consumer engagement. Larry also loves sour beers, inhales podcasts, and has a massive Pez collection.

Image of Carlos Ybarra

Carlos Ybarra – Born in Sterling, IL and sharpened by the City of the Broad Shoulders, Carlos followed his passion for music and joined TMA’s State Farm Music team in 2017 after spending nearly a decade as a Multicultural marketer. Shortly after, Carlos transitioned to Los Angeles to join TMA’s entertainment practice where he provides strategic music consultation to the agency’s clients. Carlos graduated from Benedictine University with a B.B.A. in Accounting and in his spare time enjoys attending shows, documenting street art, traveling and cooking.

Image of Anyi Wong-Lifton

Anyi Wong-Lifton – Anyi is a Strategy Coordinator for TMA’s Culture Marketing group who tracks entertainment trends, writes weekly music columns, and organizes diversity education programs. She grew in Portland, Oregon before it was cool and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Scripps College before moving to Los Angeles. When not making professional use of her pop culture obsession, Anyi volunteers at a dog rescue, collects pencils, and avoids driving.

Sarah Molloy – Sarah is an Operations Coordinator in TMA’s Los Angeles Office, where she and has one hand in finance and the other in entertainment. She joined TMA as the Entertainment Apprentice in January 2019. She is originally from Boston, MA and went to school at Emerson College in her home city. In her free time, she likes to go to the beach, take naps, and sing karaoke (when she has the chance).