Snickers Hungriest Player

January 12, 2020


As a longtime NFL sponsor, Snickers decided it was time to give players and fans a reason to engage with the brand before, during, and after games. A simple insight led to an audacious idea – honoring the hungriest player of the week.

Snickers Hungriest Player came to life through a collaboration with Ben Baller, the most influential living jeweler. He crafted a show-stopping piece of bling from hundreds of diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. Each week, the Snickers Chain went home with the NFL’s Hungriest Player, the player who did the most to lead their team to victory.

Within 24 hours of each game, Snickers announced the Hungriest Player, and the Snickers Chain flooded social media through earned media interviews, amplified content on the NFL’s Checkdown channels, and the NFL player’s own social media. By the end of the program, Snickers had named 14 Hungriest Players of the Week, nine of whom were selected to go to the Pro Bowl. With over 1.8 billion earned media impressions and stunning growth numbers, Snickers ended the season with a winning strategy that exceeded all expectations.

Creative agency TMA partnered with Snickers, longtime official sponsor of the NFL, to drive brand awareness during the season, on and off the field. The most influential jeweler in the world, Ben Baller, was commissioned to create the one-of-a-kind Snickers Chain, which includes 31 carats of diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. (Player shown: Josh Jacobs, Las Vegas Raiders)
The Snickers Chain served as the badge of honor, each week passing to a different player who proved to be Hungry on the field and led their team to victory. (Player shown: Aaron Jones, Green Bay Packers)
Some of the season’s Snickers Hungriest Players included Kyler Murray, Chase Claypool, Nick Chubb, Tony Pollard, Davante Adams, Jonathan Taylor, Darren Waller, and Josh Jacobs. With Kyler Murray being awarded the Snickers Hungriest Player of the Year. (Player Shown: Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals)
As experts in creating cultural resonance for brands, creative and digital agency The Marketing Arm activated across the Hungriest Players’ socials, garnering 400 million social media impressions. (Player shown: Tony Pollard, Dallas Cowboys)
Each week, the Snickers Chain was passed along and awarded to the hungriest player- whoever had the most memorable performance of the week or season. (Player shown: Bradley Chubb, Denver Broncos)
The Snickers Hungriest Player campaign was integrated into Week 1 of ESPN Sunday Countdown, with cast members showing off the Snickers Chain and delivering campaign messaging to nationally televised audience of NFL fans. (Rex Ryan, Sunday NFL Countdown)
Creative marketing agency TMA set out to increase Snickers talk value on social media throughout the entire
NFL season. The “Snickers Hungriest Player” campaign garnered 1.8 billion earned media impressions.
(Player shown: Nick Chubb, Cleveland Browns)
TMA worked with Snickers, longtime sponsor of the NFL, to give players and fans a reason to engage with the brand before, during, and after games. Creative agency TMA and Snickers launched the campaign with a splash on ESPN NFL Sunday Kickoff. (Matt Hasselbeck, Sunday NFL Countdown)
Nine of the 14 players who were awarded with the Hungriest Player Chain went on to be selected to go to the Pro-Bowl. The program crafted by creative marketing agency TMA exceeded all goals and expectations, delivering strong results for the brand. (Player shown: Darren Waller, Las Vegas Raiders)