State Farm + Disney’s Haunted Mansion

July 15, 2023

State Farm is collaborating with The Walt Disney Studios to celebrate the release of the new film, Disney’s Haunted Mansion, which comes out July 28.  

As part of this collaboration, State Farm released an original spot featuring Jake from State Farm interacting with Gabbie, the Mansion’s new owner (played by Rosario Dawson). The spot was created by TMA with the Walt Disney Studios and Haunted Mansion team and Soapbox, a Disney production house.

The new spot is part of the State Farm ongoing “What if” campaign, which leans into the concerns people have around the potential outcomes of homeownership. In it, we see Jake from State Farm walking with Gabbie and explaining how State Farm can help with her insurance needs, including talking to an agent and filing a claim on the State Farm mobile app. Or, as Jake reassures, State Farm is there for your “what ifs,” including a hauntingly great list of coverage options.