Celebrity DBI, Leading Talent Database, Turns 15

October 15, 2021

Launched in 2006, The Celebrity DBI is an independent index for brand marketers and agencies that determines a celebrity’s ability to influence brand affinity and consumer purchase intent. The DBI provides marketers with a systemic approach for quantifying the use of celebrities in their advertising and marketing initiatives. Created by the entertainment division of The Marketing Arm, the DBI includes more than 5,000 celebrities and is powered by a 4.5-million domestic consumer research panel. The research panel evaluates celebrities across eight key attributes: appeal, aspiration, awareness, endorsement, influence, breakthrough, trendsetter, and trust. An overall DBI score is developed each time a celebrity is indexed and can be narrowed down to key demographics, including gender, age, and ethnicity.

Since 1985, DBI has been advising brands on how to utilize TV, film, music, gaming, celebrities, and content to make their brand messaging more relevant and emotionally engaging. Created from the brand perspective, the Celebrity DBI is the first celebrity evaluation platform which provides brands, agencies, and media properties with a data-driven approach that identifies individuals who best align with your brand, boosting the impact of every talent partnership to maximize your return on investment. By aligning with celebrities who have a personality that matches your brand personality, you’re able to create a more meaningful connection with your customer and drive much deeper engagement. When you can communicate with them more effectively, you will ultimately achieve your objectives at a lower cost.