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TMA's Matt Delzell Talks Tiger Woods' Comeback and Brand Marketability with Fast Company

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TMA’s Matt Delzell Talks Tiger Woods’ Comeback and Brand Marketability with Fast Company

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Tiger Woods has been performing well as of late, but will a PGA comeback also mean a comeback with major brands?

The Marketing Arm’s Managing Director Matt Delzell shares his thoughts and insights from the Celebrity DBI with Fast Company in an article by Jeff Beer: The Tiger Woods Comeback Probably Won’t Include Major Brands–Yet.

“We test him often, and there is still a very significant lack of trust and likability, in terms of the general population,” says Matt Delzell, managing director of The Marketing Arm/Davie Brown Talent, which conducts the DBI and advises major marketers on celebrity and athlete endorsements. “It’s an interesting balance we don’t see with a lot of athletes, where people want to see him perform well because it adds excitement to the sport, even for casual golf fans. But no one is looking at these numbers and saying, ‘This is a guy I’ve got to attach my brand to.’ The numbers don’t justify that, especially the kind of money he’d be asking for.”

It’s true everyone loves a comeback story, but will Tiger be one of them? Will the tide of public opinion and his brand marketability shift back to where they once were?

Check out the article on Fast Company to see Matt’s full commentary.