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TMA Chimes in on Twitter Update

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TMA Chimes in on Twitter Update


Last week, Twitter began to test 280-character tweets, which is double the limit that has been in place since the platform’s inception. While this change might not have much of an effect on regular users, marketers will need to prepare for both the positive and  negative effects that may come.

Adweek posted an article entitled, “Why Marketers are Concerned that 280-Character Tweets Will ‘Dilute’ Twitter’s Marketing Potential,” in which marketing professionals voiced a mix of concerns and  positives to the new update. Concerns included fewer tweets being sent, messages getting diluted, and  brand  managers putting more requirements in influencer tweets.

hannah redmondThe Marketing Arm’s Group Director of Strategy and  Innovation Hannah Redmond voiced how the longer messages can improve customer service:

“This allows brand s to better solve a problem or provide more information in response to consumer inquiries or customer service complaints right there in the native platform, rather than directing to a phone number or microsite.”

According to Hannah, longer tweets could simplify the process of community management for brand s with the ability to respond to complaints directly in the platform instead of asking for a Direct Message or phone call.

Hannah goes on to discuss the positive implications for consumers, who should see heightened transparency in sponsored tweets:

“On a related note, this also gives no excuse for brand  influencers not to disclose transparency or sponsorship language when applicable as well, which is better overall for consumers.”