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TMA 25 Acts of Kindness Continues, Giving Back to Music in Schools and Foster Children

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TMA 25 Acts of Kindness Continues, Giving Back to Music in Schools and Foster Children

TMA 25 Acts of Kindness is in full swing! Employees have been taking the lead, helping us give back in a big way. Here’s a little about two of our recent acts.


State Farm Ukulele Assembly Event

In August, we had nearly 20 TMAers in Chicago come together to support our State Farm client and their Neighborhood of Good program. State Farm activated at eight music festivals this summer, bringing to life a neighborhood of four small homes that were focused around different causes.


In the Music Education home, festival goers helped assemble ukuleles for local schools with underfunded music programs. One of State Farm’s activations was at Lollapalooza in Chicago, so Account Manager Ashley Palatine coordinated the shipment of additional ukuleles to the office to be assembled, decorated, and donated along with the rest of the ukuleles built at Lollapalooza.


Our Chicago TMAers had a blast trying to one-up each other on tuning the ukuleles and held an Instagram boomerang competition to see who could best rock-out with their completed ukulele. It was a great event and everyone enjoyed getting to experience an activation that so many in their office helped bring to life for our client, while supporting a local school.



Together We Rise Sweet Cases

In September, our TMA Cares team worked to engage all six of our US offices for our fifth act of kindness: building Sweet Cases for Together We Rise.


What’s Together We Rise? It’s an organization that works to transform the way kids experience foster care. Their programs are created to provide ways for people who cannot become foster parents to still have a meaningful and effective way to help children in foster care. And, one incredible aspect of the organization is Sweet Cases.


When most children enter foster care, they receive two trash bags – Together We Rise provides kids with duffle bags, called Sweet Cases, packed with a teddy bear, warm blanket, hygiene kit, and fun activities.


“The Sweet Cases are intended to bring them comfort and also give them a sense of dignity as they bring their belongings into their new home. I thought they would be a great fit for TMA’s 25 Acts of Kindness because they could support several of our offices and then partner with local foster agencies to donate the completed cases,” said Jamie Koch, who submitted this act.


Jamie felt compelled to submit this act because she’s passionate about the foster care and the orphan crisis in America. She and her husband have been working with the foster system in the DFW area for nearly three years and currently have a foster son living with their family.


“One of the things that is most heartbreaking about foster care is that when these kids are removed from their families, they are taken from everything familiar to them (home, family, pets, etc.). Often times they have very few or no possessions to bring to this new home with them and what little they do have gets thrown into a trash bag.


TMA was able to assemble and decorate 100 “Sweet Cases” made across the country that were taken to local foster agencies.



Stay tuned for more TMA 25 Acts of Kindness coming soon.