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TMA 25 Acts of Kindness Awards Teachers with Supplies

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TMA 25 Acts of Kindness Awards Teachers with Supplies

We wanted to give back for back-to-school because teachers are true heroes. Not only can it be a thankless job, but most teachers use their own money to get their classroom ready to welcome students each year. So, the third TMA Act of Kindness was for the teachers.


Employees were invited to nominate a worthy teacher for a $250 school supplies allowance. After reviewing more than 80 deserving submissions, TMA Cares awarded eight outstanding teachers who give their heart, soul, and personal finances to provide their students the necessary tools and support to succeed in-and-outside the classroom.


Learn about a few of the teachers we awarded and how they used the $250 for their classrooms:


Lindsay Valentino

Nominated by Libby Scales in our Chicago office, Lindsay was awarded the $250 allowance for supplies as she’s the definition TMA’s DNA of being happy, scrappy, collaborative, entrepreneurial, and committed. Lindsay works for the Chicago Public School system as a Speech Therapist working with special needs students, primarily those on the autism spectrum. With the lack of government funding for Chicago’s public schools, Lindsay doesn’t have a dedicated classroom or a budget for supplies, so she has to be extremely resourceful and creative when creating her lessons – all out of her own pocket. With the awarded allowance, Lindsay was able to purchase a printer that allows her to create multi-media tools such as flash cards and sensory books for her students.


“I’m beyond grateful for [TMA 25 Acts of Kindness] – this printer allows me to be more independent and give my students a better experience.” – Lindsay Valentino


Ed Barr

Ed is an eighth-grade science teacher at Dublin Middle School in Dublin, Georgia. As a Title 1 school, meaning they’re part of a school system where a large percentage of the students are below the poverty line, Ed is required to pay out-of-pocket for many of his students’ supplies.



“This gift takes that burden off a little bit and helps me expand my teaching with the great new STEM books/supplies and lab equipment I was able to purchase. Again, thank you very much!” – Ed Barr


Lyndsay Gaylord

Known by her students as Miss G, Lyndsay Gaylord teaches math at the mild-to-moderate special education levels at Mayfair High School in Lakewood, California. Nominated by Brittanie Perez in our Irvine office, Lyndsay does her best to ensure her students thrive as much as possible.  In addition to paying for supplies and goodies to keep her students motivated and engaged, she also coaches both the girls’ varsity volleyball and softball teams after school.


“This award has created a huge opportunity for my students. Many of our students have difficulty with purchasing their own supplies each school year so being able to get them brand new supplies with the money was a huge help and we are extremely grateful. They were so excited as I was showing them everything we were given!” – Lyndsay Gaylord


Be sure to stay tuned for what TMA 25 Acts of Kindness does next!