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The Marketing Arm Celebrates 25 Years in Business with 25 Acts of Kindness

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The Marketing Arm Celebrates 25 Years in Business with 25 Acts of Kindness


This year marks 25 years since CEO Ray Clark founded The Marketing Arm. In celebration of this milestone anniversary, Ray sought to do something bigger and more impactful than a party.


As a result, he introduced TMA 25 Acts of Kindness: an initiative that provides TMA employees the opportunity and resources to give back to the organizations, causes, and people they’re passionate about. Ray launched the program in June, donating $25,000 of his own personal finances to fund 25 acts of kindness to be performed over the next 12 months.


“We’re celebrating this anniversary by doing good in our surrounding communities,” said Ray. “This program is meant to not only inspire the people of TMA, but also provide them a platform and the financial means to have a major impact on the lives of others.”


Acts of kindness are submitted by employees for consideration – the only condition is that the act must have a direct positive impact on someone or something. This may be food, shelter, care, or anything that would improve someone’s quality-of-life (or just make their day a little better).


The program is run through TMA Cares, The Marketing Arm’s employee-led internal cause and volunteer initiative, with Ray having final say over all selected acts.


“This really speaks to the fact that not only does our leadership care about creating a culture of fun, but also one of caring for the communities we’re a part of,” said TMA Cares leader, Kevin Anding. “Hopefully seeing these ideas and the impact they have on people’s lives will continue to inspire people to get out there and give back whatever way they can.”


Here’s a look at our first two acts of kindness…




In June, our Dallas office held a day-long event making bright and encouraging cards for the kids at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. The idea was submitted by Kevin Clancy, a member of our TMA Studio team, who was inspired by his past involvement making holiday cards with his mom for the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston.


“I thought it would be a fun activity anyone could get involved with that would hopefully brighten the day of children who need it the most,” Kevin said.


Throughout the day, over 50 employees showed up to create more than 150 uplifting, colorful cards featuring classic cartoons and jokes to brighten all of these kids’ days.





For our second act of kindness, a TMAer submitted a link to a GoFundMe page benefitting a couple expecting twins in the coming months that came home to find their house had burned down and all of their belongings had been destroyed.


In an effort to provide slight relief for the family to replace items such as furniture, clothing and necessarily items for newborns, The Marketing Arm’s donation helped them get to 75% of their overall goal.


We’re so excited for the year to come as we continue TMA 25 Acts of Kindness. Stay tuned for what we’ve got planned next!