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The “influencer continuum” defined

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The “influencer continuum” defined


Over the last several weeks, you’ve heard us talk about the upcoming Influencer Continuum, presented by The Marketing Arm.


Today, we’re taking a minute to define what we mean by the “influencer continuum” and why it’s the title of this one-of-a-kind event.


Influencer is simply a term used to describe anyone or anything who has the ability to influence the decision making of someone else. We know that people move people and it takes the right understanding and strategic approach for a brand to really harness the power these people have to move an audience to action, to purchase, and to conviction.


The continuum refers to the vast spectrum of influence. Brands are starting to get a bit savvier about there being more than just an A-list celebrity or a mommy blogger. We’ve really worked across every aspect of the spectrum: influencer, celebrity, rockstar, athlete, comedian, podcaster, pundit, journalist, author, guru, artist, director, instafamous, creator, designer, lifestyle photographer…whatever you call it.


At this event, we are celebrating this continuum of influencers from content creators, to digital-first influencers, all the way to celebrities and delivering comprehensive strategic playbooks for influencer marketing that have been tailored for each participating brand as well as big campaignable ideas.


During this event, marketing executives and leadership teams will discover, collaborate, and redefine audience engagement side-by-side with leading influencers from across the continuum through influencer-led classes, panels, keynotes, and more.



For any questions regarding The Influencer Continuum, please reach out to Kiley Kmiec.