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Grammy Awards Predictions from our President of Music

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Grammy Awards Predictions from our President of Music

For TMA’s President of Music Larry Weintraub, music has been at the center of both his personal and professional life since he was 10 years old. And, Music’s Biggest Night has always held a special place in his heart – from watching the award show on TV as a kid, to becoming an insider in the music business and attending Grammy parties, to now looking at it through the lens of marketing and advertising.

With the 60th Annual Grammy Awards premiering this Sunday, Larry shared a few predictions on how he believes brands may interact with the awards show this year.

One thing he said to look out for is the increase of music-centric ads and ads targeting Millennials and Gen Z to be broadcast during the Grammy’s.

“As of yet, I haven’t heard much about brands representing at the Grammy’s. No Super Bowl pre-buzz about the ads, seems like a missed opportunity, right? […] Word is that this year’s contribution will feature Maren Morris and Zedd. Aside from Target, the only other brand we know about it IBM’s Watson, who will be studying the fashion on the red carpet. I trust that we’ll see many more music and brand partnerships, because brands want to reach young people and young people love music, so of course they’ll be watching the Grammy’s.”

Larry also says we should keep an eye out for how brands converse on social media around the Grammy’s.

“Like a major sporting event, the Grammys need to be watched in real time. As a result, brands have the opportunity to be part of the cultural dialogue.”

Whether it’s through music-centric spot, ads targeting Millennials and Gen Z, or social media, we’ll be watching on Sunday (along with Larry) to see which brands properly use music to keep America’s attention.