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Gen Z: A Day in the Life

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Gen Z: A Day in the Life

Everyone knows Millennials. After all, they are the most researched generation in history. But here’s the thing: today’s up-and-coming consumers are no longer considered Millennials – they’re part of Generation Z.

While statistics vary by source, the American Marketing Association describes Gen Z as those born after 2001. Yet, it’s important to consider the many differences in behaviors, perceptions, and platforms that a six-year-old and a 16-year-old possess. To bring this inter-generational split to life, check out the infographic below for a peek into a day in the life of two distinct targets that collectively comprise Generation Z:  Seekers (age 6-12) and Statement Makers (age 13-17).

When marketing to Generation Z, keep in mind a few highlights that define this age group:

  • Collectively, they’re the most diverse generation to date – over half are multicultural
  • 40% have their own tablet before the age of 12
  • By age 13, seven of their top 10 brands require screens
  • Every week, they game for 13 hours, watch YouTube for 12 hours, and Netflix for 9 hours

Generation Z can be described as passionate creators and tech-savvy trendspotters. Marketing to this generation will require brands to focus on YouTube and social influencers more than mainstream celebrities, encourage personal growth and skill building, and allow opportunities for Gen Z to identify and interact with the brand.

As they evolve as consumers, we’ll be on the lookout to see how brands market to Generation Z. And, if you’re interested in what a persona looks like for your specific Gen Z consumer, we can help.

Content: Nina Rayburn, Sr. Strategist | Creative: Reuben Miller, Design Director | Neelam Shah, Strategist