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Celebrity DBI Insights on Super Bowl Celebs

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Celebrity DBI Insights on Super Bowl Celebs

Out of the more than 4,200 in the Celebrity DBI, Justin Timberlake ranks number 62. His Influence rank is on par with Taylor Swift and The Rock. How will tonight’s halftime performance impact that ranking? Guess we’ll find out soon.


What is the Celebrity DBI you ask? It’s an independent index created by The Marketing Arm that quantifies and qualifies consumer perceptions of celebrities.


As the only global celebrity evaluation service designed to provide superior brand-relevant insights, the DBI helps to identify celebrities with high-scoring attributes that best align with your brand.


Representing the views of more than 1.6 billion people (approximately 50% of the world’s adult population), the Celebrity DBI provides brands, agencies, and media properties with a data-driven approach to quantify and qualify a celebrity’s value and ability to impact consumers.


Survey respondents who indicate that they’re aware of a celebrity are asked a standard set of questions about that celebrity. Consumers in nationally representative samples evaluate celebrities across eight key metrics: Appeal, Aspiration, Awareness, Breakthrough, Endorsement, Influence, Trend-Setter, and Trust.


We wanted to see how the celebrities being featured both on the field and in the ads during the Super Bowl this evening ranked in the Celebrity DBI.


Here are some of our findings, which we shared live during the game on Twitter and our Instagram Story.



Of all respondents, Pink ranks highest in appeal among African-American women ages 18-24.


Tiffany Haddish is most recognized by those ages 25-34 and best liked by those ages 18-24


Matt Damon scores high in Awareness, but is actually out-ranked by two other action stars named Bruce. Both Bruce Lee & Bruce Willis come in just above him.


Keanu Reeves is most well known by men ages 35-54 in the Western and Southern regions of the US.







We’ll definitely be watching to see how tonight’s ads and performances impact the celebrities’ rankings and marketability post Super Bowl.