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Celebrity DBI Insights on Oscar Nominees & Presenters

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Celebrity DBI Insights on Oscar Nominees & Presenters

[Header image credit: Canva]

Jimmy Kimmel is well known and well liked, so makes sense he’s hosting the Oscars. He ranks 159 out of the 4.4K celebs in the Celebrity DBI in Awareness. And 81% of those who recognize him, like him.

What’s the Celebrity DBI? It’s an independent index created by The Marketing Arm that quantifies and qualifies consumer perceptions of celebrities.

As the only global celebrity evaluation service designed to provide superior brand-relevant insights, the DBI helps to identify celebrities with high-scoring attributes that best align with your brand.

Representing the views of more than 1.6 billion people (approximately 50% of the world’s adult population), the Celebrity DBI provides brands, agencies, and media properties with a data-driven approach to quantify and qualify a celebrity’s value and ability to impact consumers.

Survey respondents who indicate that they’re aware of a celebrity are asked a standard set of questions about that celebrity. Consumers in nationally representative samples evaluate celebrities across eight key metrics: Appeal, Aspiration, Awareness, Breakthrough, Endorsement, Influence, Trend-Setter, and Trust.

We took to the Celebrity DBI to see how consumers feel about some of the nominees and presenters from tonight’s Oscars.

Here are the fun and interesting insights, which we’ve been sharing live during the show on Twitter and our Instagram Story.

Presenter Gal Gadot ranks 6th overall out of 4.4K celebs in Influence. That is on par with Prince Harry and Oprah.

Only 29.7% of Celebrity DBI respondents know who tonight’s Supporting Actor winner Sam Rockwell is, ranking him 2,149 out of 4,431 celebs. Bet more will know next time we test!

Supporting Actor nominee Woody Harrelson is known by twice as many Celebrity DBI respondents as his co-star & Lead Actress nominee Frances McDormand, but they have similar Breakthrough scores.

Supporting Actress winner @AllisonBJanney ranks 1,058 out of 4,431 in Aspiration; that’s similar to Michael B. Jordan and Mindy Kaling. And, 90% of respondents like her to some degree.

Presenter Oscar Isaac’s top attribute is Trust – he ranks 366th, which is in the top 8% in the Celebrity DBI. That is on par with Lead Actress nominee Margot Robbie.

Presenter Gina Rodriguez ranks high in Endorsement (top 17%). That’s on par with Get Out director Jordan Peele

Lead Actress nominee Saoirse Ronan has lower Awareness with just 25% of Celebrity DBI respondents knowing who she is. But, of those who do know her, 90% like her to some degree.

We’ll be watching the Celebrity DBI to see how these celebrities’ rankings change (or don’t change) after tonight’s Oscars performances and how that impacts (or doesn’t impact) their brand marketability.